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Have you put all your eggs in the wrong basket? - Imaginary Crimes

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Previous Entry Have you put all your eggs in the wrong basket? Oct. 3rd, 2012 @ 09:00 pm Next Entry
I wish I could tell my parents that i believe they have put all their eggs in the (i)wrong(/i) basket. As in spending nearly every cent they have to put my younger sister through college and NOT a red dime to help me. I think that was a pretty big lapse in judgement since she's in her fourth year and still cant manage to do much of anything on her own. And she has no plans at all for taking care of them in the future. Im not sure she can even handle a 9 to 5 without getting a headache. Me on the other hand if they would have cared about me a quarter of what they cared about her. I'd be making them proud already. My success would have pushed the rest of us further and we'd all be better off now. BUT WERE NOT, we are sad depressed failures who hold each other back without even realising it. If i dont get the hell out of here soon I'll die and invisible walking disaster.

Im sorry this is so wrong of me but so true to me at the same time. I post this in hopes that the right person reads it and hears my warning. DONT play favorites with your children. Love and push them all with the same fury. The meek may be the lion in disguise.

This message will truly hurt some so i'm only leaving it up for a little while in hope again the right person reads it. To prevent some other family undue heartache.
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