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Previous Entry I am a collosal failure Feb. 19th, 2013 @ 05:28 am Next Entry
This is week two of me not completing my assingment. I will be humilated in class today when i have to show this huge hunk of shit to eveyone. She gonna hate me and i deserve it. I was lazy all day saturday and I really could have worked on it wed thur and friday too but i was to busy atching tv and reading. Now i stuck looking like a ass hole in class tonight. Did i mention ive only slept an hour tonight and i have to get dresses for work in humm20 mins ahh. Yup I hate me right now. I wish I could just call out of work but everyones gonna know im not sick and this is why im calling out. Ive dug my hole now I must lie in it. I wanna cry but my eyes are too dry. In why do i still have the urge to watch supernatural instead of sleeping grrr. Im useless.
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